Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Army Recruiting Policy

The US Army Recruiting Command is screwed up like a soup sandwich! If you didn’t catch the CBS News last night (05/02/05) they had a really good piece of investigative reporting. Go to this link to see the whole story, http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/05/10/eveningnews/main694345.shtml . The orignal story wasn’t reported by any seasoned reporter but by a high school journalist named David McSwane.
As a Retired Army Officer, I can tell you for a fact that some recruiters will lie to meet their quota. They have families and careers too, just like regular civilians. And sometimes like regular career people they become frighten when a deadline approaches. Usually these lies are little white lies, like telling a prospective recruit that he or she is guaranteed quick promotion and the choices of duty sites. It usually turns out to be a real dooty site!!! And the new solider has his first war story to tell his buddies.
It seems that some recruiters are crossing the line. Times are hard when there’s a war and people are dying every day, and that makes for a really tough sell. Army recruiters like to recruit from the middle to lower income bracket. Finding kids that need money for college, or have little prospect of finding a good job in their hometown works really well for the recruiter during peacetime, but then along comes a war.
As a young officer I was always told to recognize the problem and give a solution; so here is the solution. Let’s get the message out to the Republicans who voted for and support this war on Iraq!! Hey guys and gals, President Bush needs cannon fodder and he needs it fast. And we who don’t support this war can help too. Encourage your Republican friends to enlist their kids, grandkids, and other Republicans to join the Army. After all just saying you support the War in Iraq is not enough. Let’s show it. The Army Recruiting Command could do a better job also, like sponsoring commercial spots on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and all of the other right wing nut shows. I’ve never heard an Army commercial during any of those shows. Just think how many folks the Army could get, I’ll bet at least a battalion of soldiers a day. We all must roll up our sleeves and do our part to help in this war.
Of course I’m being facetious. Republicans will never fight this war they started. That will be left up to the poor and disenfranchised as it has always been. Some things never change. That’s why this War and its Recruiting policy are screwed up like a soup sandwich.