Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Soup to Nuts Letter to the Editor

On Sunday (Feb 12, 2012) the Thomasville-Times Enterpise endorsed Rick Santorum for President.  Of course I had to write a Letter to the Editor.  This is it below.

I was not surprised to find the Thomasville Enterprise supporting Rick Santorum as the Tea Party (aka Republican Party) nominee for President.  The Thomasville Enterprise mission has always been to “boldly go to the far right, where no man has gone before”.  By endorsing Santorum they have fulfilled their mission.  The problem is they want to take us with them, many of us do not wish to go with Captain Lastinger into this hostile alien land.

The Tea Party invariable will invoke the Founding Fathers and the Constitution in some form to bemoan the passing of our Rights and Privileges as Americans.   As Robert Ingersoll once said, “A lot of people talk about the Constitution but very few have ever read it”.   The Republican Party (aka Tea Party) will only support the Rights under the Constitution they find agreeable.  They scream States Rights at every turn and want to dismantle the Federal government.  America went down this road once already; we had the Articles of Confederation and found it didn’t work.   We have always been The United States of America not The Separate but Equal States of America.  We tried the separate but equal thing and it didn’t work either.

Rick Santorum and the Republican Tea Party want to diminish the rights of women.  Santorum has come out against all forms of contraception and a woman’s right to choose.   But it appears when these issues impact Republicans way of life it turns out to be acceptable.  When Sara Palins daughter gave birth to a baby out of wedlock she had choices.  She could have aborted the fetus, she could have put the baby up for adoption, or she could have given birth and raised the child.  Bristol Palin was fortunate to have wealthy parents and a family support system.   The fact is she had choices!  All women should have the right to choose.  Not just the privileged few.

Santorum’s wife also had the right to choose.  She chose to abort her fetus, her life was a stake.  Thankfully she lives in a nation that allows women the right to choose.  If Santorum and the Thomasville Enterprise have their way no woman will have the right to choose. 

The Republicans need to understand freedom is like a pregnant woman.  You can’t be a little pregnant, you’re either pregnant or you’re not.  We are either free or we are not free, we can’t be a little free.   Rick Santorum and the Republicans don’t get to make these important decisions for Americans, we the people make our own choices. 


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