Sunday, September 30, 2012

Soup Du Jour "Blasphemy Day"

    September 30 is Blasphemy Day. The Center for Inquiry started this as part of their Campaign for Free Expression and it has taken off.  I'd like to do my part in helping Blasphemy Day by first wishing everyone a Happy Blasphemy Day!!!!  Go out and blaspheme today, not because we can be jerks but because we have the right too.  Religion has killed millions of people because of their non-belief, they can't that to us anymore...well not here in America.  The second thing I'd like to do for Blasphemy Day is to post a link for Robert Green Ingersoll's lecture on Blasphemy.  Go here for the entire lecture  Ingersoll says it better that I could ever hope too.   Here is just a small part of the lecture.  Enjoy.

"Blasphemy is a padlock which hypocrisy tries to put on the lips of all honest men. At one time Christianity succeeded in silencing the infidel, and then came the dark ages, when all rule was ecclesiastical, when the air was filled with devils and spooks, when birth was a misfortune, life a prolonged misery of fear and torment, and death a horrible nightmare. They crushed the infidels, Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, wherever a ray of light appeared in the ecclesiastical darkness. But I want to tell this minister tonight, and all others like him, that that day is passed. All the churches in the United States can not even crush me. The day for that has gone, never to return. If they think they can crush free thought in this country, let them try it. What must this minister think of you and the citizens of this republic when he says, "Take the fear of hell out of men's hearts and a majority of them will become ungovernably wicked." Oh, think of an angel in heaven having to allow that he was scared there.
This minister calls for my arrest. He thinks his God needs help, and would like to see the police crush the infidel. I would advise Mr. Talmage (hisses) to furnish his God with a rattle, so that when he is in danger again he can summon the police immediately.
I'll tell you what is blasphemy. It is blasphemy to live on the fruits of other men's labor, to prevent the growth of the human mind, to persecute for opinion's sake, to abuse your wife and children, to increase in any manner the sum of human misery.
I'll tell you what is sacred. Our bodies are sacred, our rights are sacred, justice and liberty are sacred. I'll tell you what is the true bible. It is the sum of all actual knowledge of man, and every man who discovers a new fact adds a new verse to this bible. It is different from the other bible, because that is the sum of all that its writers and readers do not know."


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